Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Case File Closed

I'm done. Yesterday I received an indifferent response to the comments I submitted regarding the provisional findings of the ECU about 11 points of complaint made about The Future State Of Welfare With John Humphrys. These were being treated separately from the other 55 points of complaint, a decision made unilaterally by the ECU seemingly with the intent of trying to force me to multi-task beyond my capabilities.

The findings are now finalised and unchanged. The justifications made by the ECU defy reason, even in their pleading that they don't have to actually provide citations. These are standards beneath almost any journalist. This does not bode well for the outcome of the 55 points currently under ECU investigation and in fact I now believe my complaint never stood a chance, regardless of its own merit. The target was too large, the bureaucracy too dense and the rules utterly hidden to any outsider.

The process has been frustrating and had an impact on my ability to function, it has also dragged on for far too long. It started in October 2011, it ends now. I have asked the ECU to cease investigating and given my reasons why. I will pursue a complaint about my treatment to the BBC Trust, simply so that they are forced to put this ordeal on the record. With my deteriorating functioning, I can't continue.

This is the end of Case File #3. There will be no new entries.


  1. You're still a hero to me, and to many others.

    Although, in fairness, SuperGran is still a hero to me - and she's not even male.

  2. You're a hero to me too.

    Some of us have flown the Guardian nest - in protest at the threading/nesting which has ruined BTL commentary, and also to indulge ourselves in some leftie ranting.

    We are now considering getting active in fighting Tories in general and benefits reform in particular - it would be wonderful if you'd pop in to see us.

    We are at

    Andrea - a.k.a. Ephemerid