Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Wrong Man In The Right Place

Some questions(also known as 'things') about the News items which have appeared over the weekend in regards to the Social Security Advisory Committee criticising the proposals for Universal Credit. 

The first thing: what proposals? The Welfare Reform Act became law in March. The white paper for Universal Credit was published two years ago.

The second thing: when was this criticism made? I can find no release for this month on their website. The only document which mentions the phrase 'unworkable and unfair' is the committee's response to the white paper and this was published in February 2011.

The third thing: who briefed the press? Seriously- when something is not actually News it is when the 'news' reporting on it fails to mention how old it is when it is rather old and they couldn't be bothered reporting it when it mattered. So it looks like the work of a briefing. Few newspapers have it covered on their sites at the moment, but this story officially broke on this Sunday so we still have some time to go before Monday's pages go online and hit the presses tomorrow.

I will have a good rant about how the mainstream media fail utterly to take any interest in social security matters as they are happening only to cover them months or years later when bloggers have already covered them and taken any libel risk, but right now I want answers. Iain Duncan Smith's ideas are wrong-headed and even downright suspicious but there is a right way and a wrong way to oppose them. If journalists are now only doing their job because someone in government opposed to the Secretary's policy has told them to, then that is the wrong way.


  1. Spot on, Alec.

    What would we do without your encyclopaedia brain?

    The media totally failed to report the provisions of the Welfare Reform Bill apart from the Benefit Cap. The BBC even reported the Lord's attempts to overturn some of the worst excesses as some kind of loony plot that was just as well the Hof C had overtuned without any MP actually knowing the first thing about the Bill.
    The media has a lot to be held accountable for in the disaster that is to come.

  2. Hey it must be about time for an adhoc analysis revealing absolutely nothing apart from "fodder" for propaganda for now and into the future ;interestingly I can see no information concerning renal failure,even though people receiving homehaemodialysis automatically are entitled to middle rate care-but such facts are not what this is about-worringly though given that my better half does not appear to exist,perhaps she is lurking under the "benefit for diabetes" subsection

  3. Damn it is for new claims,but you get my gist


    Dear Lord Freud,having managed to cope with a severe reduction in income I have no need for such twaddle.You have rather a skewed view(all the more unwarrented given your proven innumeracy).The only time that problems have occurred in my life have been caused by the changes undertaken by the decisions you have made and a joint cockup between the DWP and my bank.You are creating the problem and then offerring private company solutions,a cynic would almost think it is intended.
    Mason Dixon,as far as I am concerned the battle is over.In purely financial terms there was always only going to be one winner and they have succeeded and then some to reduce income borne out of misanthropy and ignorance;their stated behavioural change attempts on the other hand have failed.Where there was reasonableness there is recalcitrance;principles are non negotiable.I will continue to Care.
    I am done,thankyou for your blogs and comments I wish you well .Please do not extinguish the flame of justice.