Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ban This Sick Filth

The employment minister Chris Grayling is adamant that he is opposed to an eligibility assessment for any sickness or disability benefit which is based on....real life. The government want tests to be fair, rigourous and objective, so naturally that means it's as far from real life as possible. They are committed to reducing the number of successful appeals, so have taken such steps as allowing the company that does the assessments to look at the appeal information that most people would regard as being a flagrant breach of the Data Protection Act. The DWP have also been ringing claimants who have been found 'fit for work' to persuade them not to appeal or ask for a reconsideration.

But Grayling went the extra mile, because he cares. You see the Ministry Of Justice has oversight of the appeals and have seen the ballooning costs. Their idea for reducing those costs were to give claimants as much information as possible about the appeals process so it can all be done quickly and with convenience for everyone. So they made a little video. But Chris Grayling wants to reduce costs(and embarrassment) by reducing the number of people even trying to appeal. So for our own good, he had this Ministry Of Justice video removed from their YouTube channel.

But now it has been reinstated. And now it's gone again. What a surprise. Someone else did what I should have done though and downloaded the video to mirror it, I really should have thought it obvious that ministers would not try the same thing twice. I'm embedding the new mirrored video below.

The key facts Chris Grayling wants to suppress are:

1. You are twice as likely to win if you turn up to an appeal in person.

2. You are even more likely to win if someone who knows you or Citizens Advice comes to support you.

3. The way these odds add up, alongside the huge number of ESA claimants still in the Assessment Phase means the system is rigged against claimants. It was denied by Atos and the DWP that there were any targets for finding people 'fit for work' and Malcolm Harrington dismissed the idea saying he found no evidence for it. Details of the Atos contract with the DWP have since leaked and there is an implicit target. 

Evidence continues to pile up that ministers are allergic to the truth.

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  1. Very interesting indeed, thankyou.

    My wife has had to deal with this THREE times in the last 18 months. She's so far had 2 appeals which were both successful, yet 6 to 8 months later ATOS are trying once again. We're awaiting a decision on her latest "Health Questionnaire" from ATOS and I have no doubt whatsoever it'll be denying her and we'll have to go through the whole sorry thing AGAIN. This time though I'll get our MP involved and the CAB. It is disgraceful that an ill person is harassed in this way.