Tuesday, 29 May 2012

30,000th Visit (And Stealth-Cake)

We are close I see, literally tens away from the third ten of a thousand on my visit count. I feel a prize is in order. Congrats to who ever won the Banana-Shark by the way, I'm sure you are the only person to right-click and 'save image' on it. But what you really want is not a dessert/weapon in the form of a delicious/killer fruit/animal. What you want is cake you can keep to yourself so you don't have to share, as long as you can find it.

You want Stealth-Cake.

Unlike with the Banana-Shark prize, you will actually receive this. The 30,000th visitor will have this air-dropped from a high-altitude military cargo plane within the hour. It will then infiltrate your home and hide. Don't be fooled by the picture though; it doesn't just disguise itself as asparagus, but will eliminate and dispose of any random item in your kitchen and then replace it. It could be anything: the bread bin, the kettle, the light fitting or even the Bold 2-In-1. How will you find it? You'll just have to bite everything. That's how I first discovered I had Stealth-Cake. If your friends and family ask why you are tasting furniture, don't tell them you're looking for Stealth-Cake if you want it for yourself. Just say you've finally lost it.

Good luck.

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  1. How did you know we had Bold 2in1(other washing products are available)>Good that your appeal was upheld. regards