Wednesday, 15 February 2012

In Other News...

It appears the benefit figures we've long been waiting for will be delayed by a month to allow the DWP to fiddle them a bit. They had a very confusingly worded news announcement which implied they would be available today but they still haven't appeared. Anything could happen in the next few hours but I'm not optimistic("Really Mason? That's so uncharacteristic of your bright and sunny self sir").

The reason given for the delay seems to be a 'lack of clarity'(I bet) over the IB-ESA migration figures, you know those ones I was really wanting to get a look at.


  1. In case you missed it.-

    As an aside.DUWC( based in Chesterfield) mentioned in the programme had its funding slashed by Derbyshire County Council


  3. There is a certain lack of clarity in the German unemployment figures, too... They've managed to lose more than a million of them...