Friday, 6 January 2012

Everything That Is Going To Happen This Year, Is Happening Right Now.

Truth, Justice and the Autistic way should not be matters of strategy. They should stand by themselves; self-justifying and self-evident realities, the premises on which debates begin and move forward on. Those who stand for these (I particularly like the 'Autistic way'), their upholding of these ideals should not rest on them ever having to out-wit anyone in a time-sensitive manner. They are intricate and yet simple ideas meant to be carefully considered as lenses through which to see the world all the time.

They are challenged however by equally valid and fundamental forces: all who know life wish for Safety, Prosperity and Happiness. But these are fragile and often fleeting because they are ultimately illusions. Unlike Truth, Justice and the Good one I like, those things are not often regarded as ideals to aspire to, distant goals that should be forever aimed for and followed through with. They are something which people often believe they have and because they have them, rather than keep striving for them they regard them as real, existing, present-tense property they have every right to hold on to jealously for as long as can be. Safety, Prosperity and Happiness can be threatened and taken away. People who value these over Truth, Justice and free drinks for Autistics can be manipulated into doing what those creating the threats want. They can even resolve to hang onto what is theirs at the expense of the Safety, Prosperity and Happiness of others. This is shameful, so whilst people can be diligent in their on-going reflections in how they treat and affect others, making amends or learning from mistakes now and then, it is a devastating concept to grasp that you could be responsible for so much pain merely from following your rightful pursuit of such reasonable goals.

But that is what The Files, The Broken of Britain, Black Triangle, friends, families, charities and probably you reading this are up against: there is no 'other', there is no 'enemy' and there is no 'them'. This is an opposition in the public's attitude that ultimately does so much harm but so little wrong, save for not being perfect (we can't all be Autistic). Our motives are similar but not the same and our circumstances are constantly questioned. If for once they were looked at objectively, then we've achieved what we needed to. That is what is happening right now, in the build up to next week. This has been long in the making, in the background of lukewarm and often inaccurate national media reporting of welfare reform. We thank Sue Marsh for what has been a brilliant crowd-sourcing project that won't simply repeat the points that we have said before and the ministers in charge of welfare reform have ignored. It is a strategic plan that exists purely out of the necessity created by utter myopic foolishness from the government. It will also hurt them, not like they hurt us but enough to remind them what it feels like to be examined by hostile people.

Save for a massive disaster of conscience in this country, next week a mirror is going to be held up and they will look in it and scream at it and keep screaming until this infamously forlorn year is done. The Files will be pressing the point as the date approaches. 

You don't care who is by our side
You won't know us by our signs
You won't know us from each other

You will know us when we die
You will know us by our numbers


  1. I look forward to this event. Hopefully, it will hold a mirror up to people.

    I hope you're well, Mason.

  2. Dying of existential Cancer. It's a form of Cancer that develops on existence itself. It eventually kills everyone.

    Oh I am so depressed.