Friday, 9 December 2011

Case #1: The BBC Whitewashes The Record

I made my first complaint about the BBC2 programme The Future State Of Welfare With John Humphrys the day after it was broadcast, as did many others- Friday the 28th of October. I think the majority of complaints for this programme were made that weekend. Unusually, it has taken an excessive amount of time for the BBC to publish their report of all complaints made for that month; usually they publish these reports for each month quite quickly. You can see that the report for January was published in February and the report for September was published in October. The whole schedule follows that pattern except for the report for October...which has just been published, on December 7th.

It is possible that the majority of complaints for TFSOWWJH were processed just at the start of November and therefore it will be subject to the November report, which could take also take an unusual span of time to come out. But the fact that the report for October was delayed by so much and makes absolutely no acknowledgement of the complaints received about John Humphrys' programme, combined with the BBC complaints unit continuing to stall in a proper response to my complaint about the lack of factual rigour in the programme, they are trying to bury the issue.

I keep reading through the transcript I made and each time I'm made more certain that no effort was made for factual accuracy, the programme lacks merit as a 'factual' programme and warrants an unprecedented full-retraction. I will pursue my complaint as far as it can go. In the meantime I'll be breaking my rebuttal of the programme into chunks as blog-posts. This will keep the block active whilst I plough on with this project. There's lots of other stuff I want to write about but this issue right now takes priority because a public service broadcaster should not behave like this, one of Britain's most respected and foremost critical TV journalists should not behave like this and those responsible for handling complaints should most certainly not behave like this.


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  2. Keep up the good work. I think the problem with the BBC is that they have elevated the presenters into a high status and pay them as such when in fact they are mediocre at best. For some time I have despaired of the BBC providing any worthwhile content but the way they over pay at the top is seriously damaging the corporation.

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