Monday, 14 November 2011

Why I No Longer Post At The Guardian.

Reading the comments below the line, I get the feeling that the moderators just don't care. They want the website to be of Daily Mail quality from now on and persistent trolls repeating the same canards they've been corrected on dozens of times have free-reign where those who even slightly let their temper slip will have their posts removed. They get the community they deserve and soon the Guardian will have a sewer.

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  1. I am rapidly,coming to the same conclusion,I have repeatedly attempted to ask the moderators to remove the hatefilled ones against sections of the community ,if their venom had been targetted against any other group it would be removed.They are getting more venomous because they are getting away with it .I have no [problem with genuine debate,but that is not their aim.Their aim(due an obvious lack of esteem) is to derail the thread,gain satisfaction in upsetting people and engendering a response which they can further spout hatred.