Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Request For Evidence.

I've seen conflicting reports about what happens when a person is turned down for ESA after an assessment and then they appeal. I know that typically a person turned down must claim Jobseeker's Allowance but I've read stories where people appeal and stay on Assessment Phase ESA(which is paid at the same rate as JSA) in the meantime but on the BBC East programme Inside Out yesterday the case study featured was moved onto JSA whilst waiting for an appeal. He was not permitted to keep claiming ESA.

If anyone knows why some claimants are said to be put on JSA whilst waiting for appeals whilst others stay on ESA in the Assessment Phase, I'd like to know. It's possible that they are all on ESA but because the rate is exactly the same as JSA, it's more simple to tell audiences that they are on JSA. I'd like to be sure though.


  1. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/your_money/benefits/employment_and_support_allowance.htm#appealing_against_an_employment_and_support_allowance_decision

  2. Some people get nothing. Their benefit stops and they are told to apply for JSA. One of the problems with that is that you are obliged on a fortnightly basis to swear that you are looking for work. If you are sick you are not looking for work, so you are put into an impossible position.

    People I know have simply not claimed (for this reason) and lived off savings and charity until months later their appeal is heard.