Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Extremely Important: Emergency

Yesterday something happened in the House of Lords that the government weren't expecting. Whilst the chamber wasn't exactly flooded, opposition to the Welfare Reform bill was enormous. About fifty peers spoke and the vast majority expressed grave concerns about the content of the bill and the intentions of ministers. The government have been jarred.

Just a short while ago I received a link to this blog-post on Where's The Benefit explaining what was going on. The government are moving against the opposition and imposing damage control in the most underhand way they can. At 3:30pm today they will table a motion to move the committee stage of the legislative process to one of the smaller rooms in Parliament. They are doing this to limit the exposure and scrutiny of the bill.

The only way they can be stopped is to warn those in Parliament who oppose the bill or believe it must be scrutinised properly. The mainstream media aren't interested in this, but it is possible to get this issue to trend on Twitter and Facebook in the next half hour. Please go to Where's The Benefit and tweet and re-tweet the post, as well as linking it on Facebook.

This could decide the fate of the Welfare Reform bill.

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