Friday, 18 February 2011

Who is Mason Dixon?(Autistic)

Mason Dixon, Autistic is a character played by the famous actor Arec Balrin, known for great Hollywood celluloid like The Hunt for Red October, Mercury Rising and Team America.

After finishing filming on Team America, Arec was replaced by an imposter and has not been able to find work since the doppelgänger brain-washed the world into believing he was the one-true actor. Now Arec has been on Jobseeker's Allowance and Disability Living Allowance since 2007 and in desperation has sought answers to questions that have vexed him as he struggled to find work.

Arec Balrin is Autistic, but not as Autistic as Mason Dixon, Autistic, who even has 'Autistic' as his name. For all the strife and confusion the solution ironically lays in being more Autistic, Arec learned after watching a boxset of Monk. Through the power of acting the Autistic Arec Balrin can be the mythical super-Autistic; Mason Dixon, Autistic and get to the bottom of what has happened to his life. Why have policy-makers managed to get it so wrong on the jobless and particularly the idiosyncratic cases when there has been an obsession in recent years with 'programmes tailored to the individual'? A groundwork into this investigation was laid when Arec was asked to write of his experience and what else he knew for the liberal-leftist-pinko-commie-elitist-wool-sheet Guardian, which they severely toned down to suit their vegan islamo-feminazi agenda. It did the job but was nothing to compared to the follow-up and it's supplements, with a more investigatory angle. Arec did ok, but the bigger picture needs an unfettered hand, pounding and pounding on the television of public perception until it's clear as crystal. Punching random numbers into keypads in case doors to places people don't want an Autistic to see slide open(A4e really should not have let me into that side office where I read the employee targets sheet on the wall).

There are a great many blogs and vlogs raising their voices about the benefits system, jobless provision and the Welfare to Work industry, reporting on and sharing the processed result of what slips into the public domain. But Arec has now got into character and Mason Dixon, Autistic will go that bit further. This blog will find, file and report on relevant data, people and events with an aim to focus on what is not to the best of my knowledge covered anywhere else. This will not be neutral, but all my opinions will be clear and will as far as possible be based on facts freely available in the public domain and original sources. Anything anyone says will be used against them, anything they don't say will be presumed to be even more true(and used against them). Joblessness has become big business for some, who act with little scrutiny of their agenda or behaviour. The Coalition government speaks of a tough new regime where they are paid by results(as the last Labour government claimed) but the industry rubs its hands with glee. They shouldn't. Play-time is over, they better guard their meal-ticket more closely now; they're being watched by more than just their stressed and terrified 'clients'.

These are the files of Mason Dixon, Autistic.

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  1. best of luck to you Arec,, like your opening statement,,will add you to my "visit regular" list,,